Are You Vitamin D Deficient? (Infographic)

This infographic comes from and provides some interesting statistics on average UV exposure rates based on location and skin type, as well as the average deficiency rates for people all around the world. Understanding these factors is imperative, because vitamin D is such a critical component of maintaining human health. Having healthy vitamin D levels has been linked to not just ordinary immune system functioning but also cancer resistance.

We're told that wearing sunscreen is absolutely necessary for preventing diseases like skin cancer, but there is reason to theorize that it could actually promote cancer because of the unnatural scenario where isolatedĀ UV-A exposure is coupled with decreased vitamin D production (vis-a-vis sunscreen blocking UV-B which is necessary for the production of vitamin D in your skin).

What we can be sure of though, is that vitamin D is essential to human life, and our bodies evolved a marvelous mechanism whereby we can produce it for free while outside in the sunlight. Learn how to make use of it safely and effectively.

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