You Need Sleep! (Infographic)

Today's infographic on sleep is brought to you by, and has a lot of interesting nuggets of knowledge about sleep and sleep habits. Of special interest to me was the section near the end about the "perfect time to nap". Each afternoon, usually an hour or so after lunch, I find myself longing for a nice 30 minute cat nap. I wish siestas were an American habit.

I've taken up a full-time job again (unrelated to blogging) and while it has had the obvious effect of leaving me with less time to write, it's also meant that getting enough sleep has been more of a challenge. I've got a hefty 45-50 minute commute twice a day which forces me to get up early in the morning so I can beat the traffic. It's either that or spending maybe twice as long sitting in my car.

One thing's for sure, one rarely appreciates how wonderful a full night of sleep feels, until you start doing without it on a regular basis!

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